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This post was first written in 2014 – I have updated with relevant information and conclusions. 

I like carrying a pocket knife.  They are useful and allow a man to do man things. When someone asks you to open the UPS package in the crazy plastic envelope that is covered in packing tape, no problem. Pull out your pocket knife, flip it open, make a few strategic cuts, job done.

However, I noticed that when I emptied the contents of my pockets onto a dresser at night or when changing clothes, my toddler would inevitably go over and begin playing with my keys, phone and knife. Luckily he was never able to open my knife but I started thinking – typically a scary proposition. I would still like to carry a pocket knife, but until he is old enough to fully comprehend what’s going on maybe it’s not the best idea or maybe I need a different knife…

I found the Gerber GDC money clip while searching the web for a pocket knife. At first I was a little skeptical because it almost seemed too good to be true. However, at $19.79 the price was compelling and I ordered one. >>>

Money Clip

The most important feature of this dual-use product is the money clip feature.  The majority of the use of this product is in the money clip function.  The hardest part for me about using this money clip was the limited space available for cards and other stuff that I typically carry.  My typical daily use of this card includes drivers license, debit card, Costco card, two car insurance cards and two medical insurance cards. I also carry my Libertarian Party card at the back because I found that when a credit card is against the metal at the back of the clip it was getting slightly scratched, but I haven’t had this problem since I added this card to the back. I can also carry five bills with this clip.  So it would seem to be five cards and five bills is the limit. You’ll have to carry business cards somewhere else. 


The second key feature of this product is the knife.  There is a button inside the top of the knife that you depress to allow you to remove the knife.  This is an excellent safety feature for this product.  I’m sure a toddler could eventually figure this out but the depress the button while pulling the knife seemed to be a whole lot safer to me than just a pocket knife.  The drawback to this configuration is that to pull the knife out while cards are in the clip, you have to move the cards down a half inch to release the mechanism. 

The knife itself has an overall length of 3.5” with a blade length of about 1.5” and a small handle that has a finger slot with a serrated thumb grip.  In some instances this is a very easy to use configuration and other times it seems like it is very akward. 

Features and Specifications

  • Holds up to 5 credit cards
  • Large engraveable surface
  • Finger slot with serrated thumb rest for maximum grip
  • Rust proof materials
  • Titanium coated steel body
  • G-10 front plate
  • Anodized aluminum accents
  • Blade Length: 1.7″
  • Closed Length: 3.6″
  • Weight: 2.9 oz.
  • Lifetime Warranty >>> 

Customer Reviews and Scores

Amazon has 290 customer reviews for the Gerber GDC Money Clip.  The average review is 3.9 stars on a 5.0 scale. The majority of the reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews. 

Some of the reviewers are concerned with the fact that the blade gets scratched when it slides in and out of the sheath.  I haven’t noticed this as a major problem with my knife. >>> 


Overall this is a good product that is built with high quality materials and functions well.  It has a few shortcomings but I think these are to be expected in any product that tries to perform two functions. I think this product is a good value and is useful for people that want a minimalist wallet and a pocket knife.

UPDATE: I no longer carry this on a daily basis.  I have switched back to a traditional pocket knife and a very small wallet.  I ran into some issues where I would go places that would not allow a knife (government buildings, courthouse for jury duty, the zoo …), and then I ended up with a pocket full of loose IDs, cash and credit cards and the Gerber EDC Money Clip stashed in my car.  I use the Gerber EDC Money Clip in more specialized situations now.  I still think it is a great tool for the right person in the right situation and the price isn’t too prohibitive. 

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