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Quinny Zapp Xtra Stroller Review

 by RuffTuffDadStuff

At the birth of my oldest son, my wife purchased an outrageously priced stroller from a manufacturer that I had never heard of before. Once our baby reached about six months old (this will probably edited later for correctness) we started using the Quinny Zapp Xtra on a regular basis. This stroller is absolutely amazing. It is lightweight, extremely compact for storage, compact when being used, incredibly maneuverable, and very user friendly. Before becoming a dad, I had love affairs with certain products, headsets, MP3 players, TV’s, even a futon, but I never thought I would love a stroller. The Quinny Zapp Xtra which I just call “The Red Stroller” around my house, has definitely moved into the “Products I Love” category.

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Feature #1
This stroller has a lot of great features. The feature I enjoy the most is the ability to quickly fold up and stow this stroller. The Stroller can be completely fold into two pieces for storage in a trunk or other tight spaces. The stroller arms can be folded down and the seat laid flat for quick and easy storage via the cargo hatch of an SUV or minivan. For me this feature is great when we are running multiple errands in a day because it only requires three steps that take about 7 seconds to put it away or pull it out. The seat is also reversible so that you can have the child facing towards you or facing away from you.

Feature #2
Maneuverability would be my second favorite feature about this stroller. The sun shade is nice, the cargo bag on the bottom is very convenient, but this stroller really proves it worth in tight spots. The front wheels can turn 360 degrees so you can literally turn around in your own footprint in a crowd or store with lots of clothing racks and displays. You can lock the front wheels so the point straight ahead but I have never used the feature. I’m sure someone can give me a good reason to use this feature, but it is not very obvious to me at this time.

Negative Feature (and this is getting picky)
The stroller is definitely hard to steer with one hand, for instance if you are the average American and have a big gulp in one hand, it is difficult to steer unless you put you hand in the middle of the top bar, and that still isn’t great. The solution to this is to sit down and consume your food or beverage and then resume your strolling activities with both hands free.

Features and Specifications
Perfect for taking along wherever you go
Seat removes easily for a compact, 2-piece fold
The highly maneuverable front wheels can rotate 360 degrees
Comes with a sun canopy and cargo basket
Weight: 11.4 pounds
Max Weight: 50 pounds

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Customer Reviews and Scores
Amazon has each of the different color strollers as a different listing so it is hard to determine the actual number of customer reviews for the Quinny Zapp Xtra. The average review for the Quinny Zapp Xtra in Rebel Red, which is the model that I have, has 3.9 stars on a 5.0 scale. 73% of the reviews are 4 and 5 star reviews, 7% are three-stars, there are no two-star reviews and 20% are one-star reviews. The disparity in these reviews tells me that the majority of people really like this stroller and 20% of the people who buy it hate it.

The five-star reviews all seem to go gush about it, saying things like this, “It’s easy to maneuver and a great size. The sunshade is phenomenal (very important in San Diego). The one thing about the Quinny that is hard to get used to is the two piece fold. The seat comes off and the base folds separately. Though this might be a little difficult to get used to this is also what allows for the baby to face you in the beginning and eventually face out. My only regret is that I didn”t get it sooner.”

The negatives go along these lines, “Yes, it folds up small, but that is about it. I crushed my finger a few times fighting to close the darn thing.
There is no suspension and the ride is so rocky, I could feel every bump in the sidewalk in my hands. The cloth is super cheap and the straps “pop through” the holes in the back of the cloth. I was surprised there is no back support and the stroller just screams minimalist but cheaply made. We returned it.”

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Overall this is a great stroller, it fits all of my needs and does it’s job very well. This is not a plush self-propelled stroller with a back massager, it is a minimalist stroller that works well in tight spaces and can fold up extremely quickly and easily.
The 20% negative reviews on Amazon worries me as I recommend this product, but I feel like most of the complaints are not the fault of the stroller but out-of-reach expectations by the purchaser. Kinda like buying a Jeep but then complaining that your hair gets messed up with the top off.

I would not hesitate to tell anyone that this is a great stroller and recommend you buy it and try it out.

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