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The North Face – Sprout Backpack Review

 by RuffTuffDadStuff

My son needed a backpack for pre-school. Now does a preschooler really need a backpack to go to pre-school. I doubt it. But every other kid in the school has one, so instead of forcing my son to relive my childhood where I took my stuff to school in a large paper shopping bag, I started looking for a backpack.

Everything that I tried on him seemed to be larger than him, and he’s a pretty big kid (for a two-year old)! Finally on a trip to Quest Outdoors ( in Louisville my wife and I stumbled upon The North Face Sprout pack. We pulled my son out of his stroller and tried out the backpack. It was a perfect fit! The color options we had available to us at the store were some sort of pink/purple combination and a green backpack. We picked the green one and never looked back.

Feature #1 
It really holds a lot of stuff! We eventually started using this backpack as our sons’ “GO Bag!” that we can just grab whenever we need to “Go” out the door in a hurry. It easily carries a change of clothes, multiple diapers, wet ones, a few toys and a drink on the side.

Feature #2
Drink holders easily hold most drink or Thermos brand drink containers. I think this is something that is easily overlooked by most backpack designers, especially for little children.

Feature #3
This thing is really durable! Ours has held up to the first year of pre-school and is getting ready to start the next one. My wife normally will ask if we need to buy something new at the beginning of the school year and she didn’t even question using this backpack again. It still looks great and there isn’t even a single loose stitch.

**** Please Note 
It should be noted that this backpack will not hold a pocket folder or full-size sheet of paper, you would probably need to bend it to make it fit. Not a problem for a pre-schooler but it could be a problem for a kindergarten aged child. It will hold an iPad Mini perfectly.

Features and Specifications
Weight: 9.17 oz
Volume: 10 liters
Dimensions: 11.5” x 8.5” x 5”
Fabric: 600D polyester, 1200D polyester
Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews and Scores
Amazon has only 9 customer for The North Face Sprout backpack. The average review is 4.2 stars on a 5.0 scale. The majority of the reviews are obviously 4 and 5 star reviews.
Some of the reviewers are concerned with the actual color of the bag that they received versus the color of the bag pictured on the webpage. The “blue” is more of a “teal/green” and “pastel bubblegum” is more of “bright pink.” I have no firsthand knowledge of this, but if it is a concern you may want to visit a retailer or take caution when ordering the color. We bought ours at a Quest store, so it wasn’t really an issue.

Overall this is the perfect backpack for a pre-schooler but one that will probably be outgrown by the time they reach kindergarten. The North Face really hit it out of the park with the Sprout!

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